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Experience the Luxury of Mattsons Materials

Just as the perfect symphony is an exquisite blend of the finest instruments, Mattsons beds are a harmonious combination of the world's best materials.

Every element of a Mattsons bed is meticulously chosen, not merely for its luxurious feel, but also for its health benefits, eco-friendly attributes, and long-lasting quality.

Indulge in the Luxury of Lambswool and Tokowool

Each strand of wool that we use in our mattresses serves a purpose. The magic of wool lies in its ability to provide warmth in the winter while offering a cooling effect in the summer, acting as a natural climate regulator for your bed. What's more, the natural resilience of wool ensures its form retains, granting you a mattress that stands the test of time.

Our exclusive Tokowool offers a special blend of high-loft wools from the sheep that roam freely in the mesmerizing landscapes of New Zealand. A 100% natural product, Tokowool provides an incredibly resilient and buoyant material that's perfect for high-performance fillings and textiles.


Discover the Benefits of Organic Cotton

Complementing the breathability of the horsehair in our beds, cotton offers a level of comfort and softness that is unparalleled.

Not only does it feel heavenly to the touch, but it also allows for excellent air circulation, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Our cotton is GOTS certified, ensuring it meets the highest global standards for organic textiles.


Experience the Comfort of Fine Spun Horsehair

Horsehair is a unique material, functioning as millions of miniature springs that enhance the performance of our bed's internal spring system.

Each hollow strand of horsehair serves as a small airway, aiding ventilation and providing unrivaled comfort.



Coir Fiber: Strength and Comfort in Unison

Coir, derived from the inner husk of coconuts, adds a layer of firmness to our beds, offering the perfect support for a good night's sleep.

Additionally, coir fibers are dust mite resistant, making them suitable for people with allergies.


The Durability of Swedish Pine

Slow-grown Swedish pine adds a layer of solidity to our beds. The slow growth rate of these trees enhances their robustness, providing an unparalleled level of stability and strength.

Moreover, every piece of pine we use is FSC-certified, meaning it's sourced in a way that ensures the biodiversity and ecological processes of the forest are maintained.



The Magic of Our Springs

Mattsons' spring system offers robust support and pressure relief, silently aligning your body in the perfect sleeping position.

Mattsons use the best quality springs, manufactured in Sweden, and backed with a 25-year warranty.


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