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Step into the Modern Comfort of STRAND

STRAND presents a modern take on luxury sleep, with its blend of timeless design and innovative materials.

Experience the sensation of floating comfort with Strand, a bed designed to revolutionize your sleep experience.




STRAND is our flagship frame style bed, delivering deep comfort and support enveloped in a sleek contemporary design.

Its sense of floating comfort is achieved through the meticulous stacking of spring systems at the base, and the strategic layering of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool, flax and fine-spun horsehair to ensure exceptional comfort.

Layers of natural materials

  • 16cm Swedish slow grown pine frame.

  • Layers of GOTS organic cotton to protect the pine frame.

  • 9cm Swedish tempered pocket springs.

  • 13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs.

  • GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool and fine spun horsehair on top of the springs.

  • Reinforced corners with coconut coir fiber and flax.

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