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Headboards by Mattsons Bed: Luxury at the Head of Comfort

Welcome to our collection of luxury Mattsons headboards, the quintessential statement pieces that blend Swedish design principles with craftsmanship and sophistication.

Each piece exudes a unique character, combining form, function, and style to enhance your bedroom aesthetics. Let's explore our collection:


An epitome of simplicity and minimalism, the Dunes headboard by Mattsons adds an understated elegance to your luxury bed.

The sleek design of the Dunes headboard incorporates recessed reading lights, providing you with seamless comfort and convenience. This feature enables a perfect night-time read without disturbing your partner.

Dunes is not just a headboard; it's an experience.



Celebrate your individuality with our Studs headboard. Every Mattsons Studs headboard is customizable, available in a variety of fabrics, colours, and finishes.

You can choose the rows of studs in different finishes such as silver, bronze, copper, and black, allowing your bed to echo your personality.

It's a perfect blend of luxury and versatility.



Our Buttoned headboard provides a contemporary twist to a classic design.

The traditional buttoned pattern is made modern with customizable finishes. Choose from contrasting colours, matching hues, or even metal finishes for the buttons.

The Buttoned headboard by Mattsons makes your bed not just a furniture piece, but a style statement.




A manifestation of Scandi Noir minimalism, the Straight headboard by Mattsons Bed is a timeless classic.

With a plethora of fabric and colour choices, this headboard allows you to express your unique style. It’s simplicity and elegance, without compromise.


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